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What a year 2020 has been!

There have been some incredible lows but also some time to reflect on meaningful change and progress. 

For Busselton Hospice Care Inc., it has been a time of swift change. As COVID-19 hit, we had to act quickly. The community told us that they still needed our services (more than ever) and we adapted by bringing these online as fast as possible. 

I am proud that we now have our face-to-face bereavement support available via phone and have introduced a new Carer Education webinar series. One of the major benefits of these adaptations to our services is that they are now available to anyone who needs them, across Western Australia. 

However, as many community organisations, local businesses and families can attest, funding has presented many problems. With so many affected by the COVID-19 national and international lockdowns, our avenues for fundraising have narrowed and we are having to provide greater services to a larger number of people, on an even tighter budget!

Christmas can be a really tough time for many people dealing with a loved one’s end of life journey or a recent (or not so recent) bereavement. 

This year, we also know things are going to be really different from almost any other festive break. Many people won’t be able to see their loved ones, separated by state and international borders. Many haven’t seen their loved ones for months or years. 

It might be the first holiday season you are bracing to spend without a loved one. 

It might be the first year you won’t be able to go on holiday or buy your family and friends the gifts you normally would. 

Busselton Hospice Care Inc. relies 100% on the generosity of the community to ensure we can continue to provide our important services. Not only our wonderful volunteer support in the Hospice Unit at the Busselton Health Campus, but also our phone and in person bereavement and complementary therapy support, community education program and carer support. 

When you are considering a gift for a loved one this year, why not choose a gift of compassion? Make a donation to Busselton Hospice Care Inc. and we will send you a personalised e-card which you can send in an email, print and post, or give to someone in lieu of a gift. 

Thank you for your support for our work.

Rosie Brown, CEO, Busselton Hospice Care Inc.

This is how your donation will help:


will ensure someone in their end of life journey, or their carer can receive a complementary therapy session. 


will ensure an online carer education workshop can be run, to educate loved ones on how they can best care for their family member at home. 


will train one new volunteer to support individuals and their loved ones through dying, death and bereavement.


will support one person through their end of life journey, with all of our services.