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Bereavement is the experience that follows the death of someone who is important to you and for whom you grieve. There is no set time frame for bereavement; each person’s encounter with bereavement is different and unique to them.

Grieving is a natural and healthy response to loss but the experience can affect you on many levels and it can be lonely and confusing.

In the months and years following a death, most people find a way forward and can begin to live a meaningful life once more. It can be comforting to share this time and know that you don’t have to face your bereavement on your own.

During bereavement, people seek support for different reasons such as:

Overcoming loneliness and isolation

Connecting with people who are in a similar situation

Struggling with intensity and duration of grief

Difficulty with practical aspects of new day to day routines

Seeking information about the processes of death and dying, grief and bereavement

For more information download out Bereavement Support document below